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Robbie and Team
Unsure of what to say but AMAZING transformation on our Range Rover and GTR. Even the wife commented which means you must of made a huge difference lol. Untill the next time take care mate
Legendary Robbie shows the world the skill and art of car care. From bodywork correction, Vinly wrapping to some of the best dress cars in the world. Check out Valet Magic, From R8's to GTR, Drift Cars to Show Cars, this is the home of the cool.
I dont know where to start by thanking you and your guys.
I will recommend you to everyone and am so happy everything I wanted doing was all done under your roof.
See you soon and keep up the great work
Mr. Shepard (Ferrari 458)
Just a quick message to thank Robbie at Valet Magic for the job he did on my GTR.

Cheers Robbie, great job as always!!

Pictures can be seen here:- My GTR Wrapped - Thanks Robbie
Hi robbie,

Huge thankyou to you and and the boys at Valet magic.

My wheels and spoiler blade look great!! I am very very pleased.

I recommend the magic treatment to anyone looking for wrapping and wheel refurbs. Great job and by far the best price for 3 piece spit rim refurbs I could find, infact a few places wouldn't even have a go including Lepsons.
Just wanted to show my appreciation.

I was sceptical that the clear film on the front end of my brand new dmg car would ruin its look. I thoughtbid rather respray then ruin the look.

Robbie and davd yu convinced me to do it and I'm so glad they did.

It looks fantastic.

Apart from a VERY slight change in finish (not colour) which i am told will reduce to practically nothing as the film beds in, you cannot see any difference at the wing/door join.

It was the best time to have it done with 22 mies on the clock and im so pleased they convinced me.

Anyone contemplating it on a dmg car, just do it!

Excelent work Robbie!

Robbie mate what can I say other than you are a legend with what you do.
I never in a million years could of made my car look and feel so good.
Your hospitality is second to none, your workshop is amazing and you are a great guy.

Thanks again

Nissan GTR R35 owner

 WOW is the only thing I can say about the way Robbie details cars.
I had a correct and Protect done on my Kuro Black GTR and I kid you not it looked like a mirror on wheels.
Robbie, Your the best

Nissan GTR
Y666 GTR

Just like to say to everyone my r35 was the first to have a wrap in the uk by Robbie at valet magic first matte black now it's white and I'd to recognise a genuinely nice bloke that does a absolutely fantastic job - he has looked after my GTR since it was new - it's refreshing to see someone whom is not a rip off merchant ., Whos work is second to none and a genuine guy who loves the GTR - thanks Robbie for all your honest , good work and I would recommend anyone in uk even thinking of wrapping to see Robbie he is the man with others you just don't know what your getting ......

Dr. Avik Dandapat

Here is a snippet from a GT-R forum about my services:


I really dont know what to say about my finished detail but WOW.

I have used many detailers in the past even ones that claim to be the best in the world....

But all I can say after looking at my GT-R is they sure dont have the MAGIC.

Take care and thank you again


Nissan GT-R owner

Back from seeing Robbie at Valet Magic in Ascot today. Gave my Storm White a bit of colour correction and plenty of protection for the winter months. It was needed for the journey home in the sleet! Will try and post up a couple of photos when I've mastered it!

Robbie has now worked with most of the Nissan colour range but say's he really would like to get his hands on a red car! Can throughly recommend his service and knows the GTR paint issues so I'm sure he will try to help where he can.


Hey Rob

Just a quick one to say thanks for making the Diablo look the way it does now, I cant believe you managed to bring the paint up as well as you have. Im truly shocked and Jay said that he thought it had been repainted not detailed lol. Your a star and i will recommend you to all my fellow Lambo owner friends.

Thanks again mate


27-05-2009 19:37pm

Hi Magic

Thought i would drop a few words on the work that was carried out on my Aston and RS4.  SIMPLY MAGICAL (excuse the pun) Your studio is lovely and well presented and your hospitality is truly great, I really am greatful for the time you spent on the cars and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks for its first wash.

Neil McPherson


Hi Robbie.

As promised ( and I genuinely mean what I say, cheers mate for all the help) 

After experiencing frankly shocking service from the motor industry I have been lucky to find someone as professional and reliable as Robbieís Valet Magic. He looks after my car as if itís his own; and beyond detailing and valeting he has helped/advised me on how to settle disputes with Car Dealers and Tyre Fitters, which were hell bent in undoing all the good work that Robbie did with my car. Truth be told he is the only person I trust to leave my car with now. If only businesses ran with the same pride and attention to their craft as Robbie does, they wouldnít have the bad reputation as they do now.

William - BMW 535i


Robbie at Valet Magic and my car! (Audi TT)

New postby i2oops on Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:59 pm
Hi Guys

I just wanted to share with you some pics and my experiences with Robbie at valet magic (username magic1).

Having only recently bought my TT there are of course many things I'd like to fix and modify. One thing in particular that was particulary annoying were some severe swirl marks found on different parts of the body - almost like a brillo pad had been used :o

Had a quick chat with Robbie and he assured me they could be removed - so we agreed a price. Now there are two things here I would like to being how damn good a job he has done and two how friendly and co-operative this guy is. The pics of the work speak for themselves, but the efforts Robbie has gone to outside of his normal work need to be stressed here! The rear bumper needed fixing and re-spraying - job done at a very reasonable cost by his mate who is a specialist. I needed new wheels...not only is he prepared to fit them for me prior to delivery of the car, he has even found a buyer for my old ones! A few hiccups and delays in the whole process on my behalf, and he has been most accomodating to all of them at no extra cost!

The guy is first class all round and deserves much kudos for his service and quality of work. I can honestly say it has been worth every penny and I cannot recommend Robbie and valet magic enough! If you are thinking about getting this work done on your pride and joy please give him a call and discuss...he even provides a forum discount :D

Here is a link for pics: ... hp?t=84220

Here is a link to his web site:

Cheers :)

Hi Robbie,

GREAT to hear from you mate and hope you and your family are all well and enjoying this spell of sunshine.

You wont believe this but I cleaned Janeís car yesterday, gave it the once over with the Grand Finale and took some long overdue picciís.

She is looking sensational Robbie, better then new Iíd say and we remain delighted with your skilful detaining.

Cleaned my Golf this week and gave it another coat of Swissvax and although it looks magnificent it just doesnít get the second glances that the Zaino gives the TT. Guess Zaino have the bling factor spot on!

Will get something typed up for the TT Forum and post with some snaps, Iíll send you a link when itís done.

In the meantime keep the magic safe!

Best wishes,

Simon & Jane