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Valet Magic are proud to be able to offer you this first class car/personal security system as an Authorised Dealer.


Ask yourself this - If your pride and joy was stolen, other than call the police and then wait forever to know the fate of the car you love so much what would/could you do? serious question. If our vehicles were stolen yes I would call the police but I would also immobilise the vehicle there and then and also get a gps location for them all in about 2 mins of noticing they had gone. I could also if I wanted, talk into the car or simply listen into them talking to get an idea of who they are.
Scenario 2 - You or your partner and kids are in the car and are approached by a car thief/jacker no need to panic simply ensure you have your phone on you and hand the key over, Then call your car/van and immobilise/track it. However if you have time you can press the panic button fitted inside the car that will call I-MOB and they can deal with the situation the way they feel best. So a vehicle security and personal safety device all rolled into 1.


Vehicle Crime Today

In an increasingly uncertain world you need to be sure that the vehicle security solution you choose is capable of handling the threats we all face today. Vehicle related crime in the 21st Century has demanded the introduction of new security products, products that draw upon the latest technical innovations to combat current methods of car theft such as key theft and hi-jacking.

With key theft representing the vast majority of vehicle thefts and 'car-jackings' in the UK now running into thousands of cases each year these are factors that cannot be ignored. i-mob products offer suitable protection for you and your vehicle.

I-mob products are available for cars, commercial vehicles, plant and machinery, boats and caravans.

Product information

I-mob presents distinct ranges to deal with all possible requirements.

System operation

I-mob systems are extremely easy to use.

It's just like speaking to another person, so if you can use a phone you can use an i-mob.

Owners may interact with their i-mob system at any time using a unique phone number to make direct voice contact. They may also opt to receive SMS confirmation texts if this is more convenient. All contacts require the use of a PIN code to make sure only authorised parties may access the system.

With i-mob there are no complicated instructions to remember or manuals that need to be carried with you. Once in contact a menu driven option list is announced making it easy to gain information from the system, or issue instructions to the system, at the push of the appropriate button on the phone key pad.

With the instruction issued the system will speak to you confirming your instruction has been executed and giving you any information that you have asked for.

I-mob systems feature an internal, prioritised phone book. This means that the owner's key contact numbers are understood by the system along with any remote monitoring services. With these programmed It knows who to call in the event of an alarm, theft or emergency.

So if the i-mob system detects that all is not well it will select the most suitable, prioritised phone number from the memory and issue an alert call to that number.

This direct contact with the owner means that a theft may be confirmed in the shortest possible timescale and steps taken for the recovery to begin.

Please call us to discuss your particular requirements and let us develop a solution for you.


Our most popular system fitted is the TT4 and is priced at £995.00 + vat fully fitted and includes your first years subscription. Subscription is £125.00 + vat after the first year.

The I-Mob is interchangable between vehicles (an uninstall and reinstall fee is charged )