Valet Magic

Automotive Enhancement Specialist's. Vinyl wrapping / Detailing / Tinting / Wheel refurishment - Full car customisation - Located in Chertsey, Surrey

Vinyl Wrapping:

We proud to be able to offer full or part vehicle wraps in a wide range of colours.
Using nothing but the best vinyl available our wraps have been complimented by hundreds over the years.
All vinyl wraps are backed with a warranty against material and workmanship and only the best vinyl available will be used, normally depending on colour it will be Hexis,  3M, Avery and Arlon as this film has proved to be the best in finish, colour and durability.


Maclaren MP4-12C


Aston Marin V12 Vantage:


Mercedes C63 AMG:


Here is a little write up on the Murcielago:

Here is a GTR we wrapped for a client:


And a few more examples of my work:

Here are a few comments from customers:


 Please call 01344 891891 to have a chat if you have any questions or to get a quote.




Warranty against work carried out and materials used:


With this service you have a warranty, this is for the material failing and also covers the workmanship towards the item worked upon.

If you feel an item(s) needs to be looked at or rectified then you must contact us and arrange a viewing of any effected area of the work carried out.

During the time in which your car is wrapped there are many factors which will not be repaired / rectified under warranty like if you damage your car against a wall / stonechips or alike and the vinyl is damaged, things like this is your responsibility to rectify either through us or someone else. However any replaced parts by a third party will be void from our warranty.

We as a seller (retailer) have a legal right to rectify any issue you may have with a service we have carried out.

Your first port of call must be making us aware of any issue you have with the work that we carried out.

If a third party has tampered or removed any part that is directly attached to your wrap then your warranty will be void.

We must by law be given the right to rectify a problem (under the sale of goods act 1979) as if not we will not be liable for costs or repair to a vehicle that has had a third party work on the vehicle without our written authorisation.